Kommunalka Child

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Nine month after she was conceived as a way to contribute to population growth, just like every Soviet kid, Kommunalka Child was harvested from a cabbage patch. She was brought up in a bilingual family in a communal apartment in Riga. As she was searching for a place in the world, the Soviet way of life slowly collapsed in the face of Western luxuries.

Kommunalka Child takes its time-travellers on board and triggers the reader's personal memories and senses of smell, taste and touch. The cinematic storytelling in these funny, touching, embarrassing and absurd illustrated micro-memoirs reveals what life was like in the last decade of the Soviet Union, all through the eyes of a Latvian child.

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Olfactory time-traveling performance "Personal/Universal" @Bartalk

Photo by Hans Poel

Photo by Hans Poel

Photo by Hans Poel